NEW MUSIC 3.28.06


First things first, do not look directly into that guy's eyes. He's not only creepy, but has the power to steal your soul even through this copied JPEG off of Amazon.com. That's how fucked up of an album cover it is. I adore the back cover or even the actual cover underneath the sleeve, but none of those were online (that I could find anyway) and I enjoy writing in my blog while I should be working, so like hell I'm going to wait until I get home and just scan the back of the album. So just deal with that creepy mother fucker staring right at you, suckers.

With that out of the way, this truly is an amazing album! It's hard to describe. They're a husband-wife couple of singer songwriters from San Francisco who keep their music light and upbeat. It's the type of record you'll enjoy listening to in the summertime with the windows rolled down as you drive around town. It's fun, vibrant pop rock with a tight combination of drums and organs. And harmonies...LOTS OF HARMONIES! It's straight out of the Mamas & Papas, 60's-70's coming in together on different words and then overlaping each other on others. It's really kind of beautiful and is an absolute joy to listen to.


iTunes offered this last night which surprised me because the album doesn't come out until May. You can listen to the song off their website, but I make mix CDs all the time for driving to work and whatnot and enjoy having the option to listen to the song whenever I feel like it. The song seems good enough. Starts off stronger than it finishes, but I've been a fan of these guys forever and think it's about time they get some airplay here in the States.

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