Our friend Billy West has once again spilled the beans. According to a post he made on his message board, Futurama is going to be renewed for television with 26 episodes. No word as to what station it will be on, who will rejoin the cast, or whether it'll be two seasons that would consist of 13 episodes each or one HUGE season of 26 episodes. Please keep in mind though, all this information is still very unofficial. Nothing is down on paper. No contracts signed. Nada. NOTHING. But, it's still pretty awesome.

I'm this close to selling my show--''Billy Bastard--Amateur Human Being,'' And the other good news is that they're doing 26 new episodes of ''Futurama'' for TV and we're hammering out the deal now. The original plan was to have the DVD's first but that's no longer the case.I'm totaly jammed dude.

Greetings from the year 3000! It still sucks!


Hey, if that shit Family Guy got new episodes cause of awesome DVD sales, it's about time they gave FUTURAMA extra ones too! I would've been happy with just a movie, but this is cool as well.


Anonymous said...

It's high time you let go of the whole Family Guy smear campaign. Really. We get it, you don't like it. I think it may be more healthy for you to move on and perhaps find something else to deprecate.

Travis said...

Is this Seth MacFarlane?! It is, isn't it?! Fine, I'll quit with the "Family Guy sucks" bit...for now. But don't act like I'm alone in my hatred. For example, take this description from Wikipedia:

"In addition to TV critics and political groups, those who have publicly criticized Family Guy include quite a few fellow cartoonists. Criticism was offered by John Kricfalusi, the mind behind Ren and Stimpy, who complained that, "If you're a kid wanting to be a cartoonist today, and you're looking at Family Guy, you don't have to aim very high. You can draw Family Guy when you're ten years old. You don't have to get any better than that to become a professional cartoonist. The standards are extremely low."[5]

Trey Parker and Matt Stone of South Park fame [6], and a number of The Simpsons hands, including creator Matt Groening and Executive Producer Al Jean, have all registered their distaste, and even disdain, for Family Guy. Writers for the Simpsons have jokingly accused it of outright plagiarism on a DVD commentary.[citation needed] The Simpsons' Season 17 episode The Italian Bob also shows the writers of the Simpsons accuse them of plagiarism, and in a Simpsons episode in which Homer spawns an army of clones, Peter Griffin appears as one of them. When the Italian police are looking through a wanted book, Peter's picture comes up as wanted for "Plagiarismo" (Plagiarism). Further in, the main character of American Dad, Stan Smith can be seen as well with the crime of "Plagiarismo di Plagiarismo" (Plagiarism of Plagiarism), implying that Family Guy is a rip-off of The Simpsons, and American Dad is just another Family Guy. Although this isn't the first time The Simpsons has taken a shot at Family Guy, it is referring mainly to the rivalry between the two shows."

So Nyah! :P