Don't roll your eyes, I'm serious. He broke the law. He admitted that there wasn't any legal reasoning behind his decision to wiretap phones with the NSA department...he was just using the "power Congress gave me when they voted for the war." That's a lie, Congress never authorized such an invasion of our Constitutional Rights. Finally, there is a Senator (yes...one and one only) that has the balls to stand up and demand that our President be censured for his illegal actions.

Go watch Russ Feingold on CNN this morning and watch the interviewer (as the media likes to do as of late) react like this is CRAZY and where does he get off?! Russ answers her questions calmly and reminds her, that this is about holding up the Constitution. Something that both Democrats and Republicans should be in agreement over.

Listen, Andrew Jackson was censured in 1834 for refusing to hand over papers to Congress and assuming power not granted by the Constitution. The only other time Congress did anything similar was impeaching Clinton...for...well you know.

Go here and contact your local Democratic Senator and ask them to co-sponsor Feingold's legislation. (or if you're like me and live in the middle of TONS of red states, contact Harry Reid *Minority Leader* and ask him to get the team to unite on this one.)

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Jamie S. Rich said...

Done and done.

"Dear Sen.: I'd like to write to please as you to support Russ Feingold's efforts to censure the President for overstepping the boundaries of his power and invading the privacy of our citizens by illegally wiretapping individuals. There is historical precedence for this type of action from Congress, and we need someone to speak on our behalf to let the administration know they have done wrong. Sadly, they only seem to listen to us when we don't want them to. Thank you."