I'm not sure what movie reviewers like Newsweek and The Kansas City Star saw, but Molly and I loved this film. She got all emotional at the end and I thought that it did an amazing job of giving the audience exactly what they wanted. Action. Drama. Emotion. It's all there.

I highly suggest you check it out. It was eerie how certain things, like rounding up gays into concentration camps, didn't seem so "oh that would never happen" when you start thinking of how quickly we let things slide now. The way they snatched people in the night and placed black bags over their heads also got under my skin.

The entire film was packed with beautiful imagery. The roses, the blacks and reds, the way the theme gets darker the farther we get away from "the present." It was a sight to be seen. And I'm glad I did. I had high expectations and they were easily met.

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Jason Arnett said...

Yeah, I know what you mean. I just got back from seeing this, and I was impressed. It's not the graphic novel, but we don't need that. We already had the graphic novel, don't we?

Tim Piggot-Smith was great as Creedy and I loved Stephen Rea and Rupert Graves, their interactions. The crowd scene at the end was pretty inspiring, too.

All in all, I really liked this but for the fact that they used democracy as the choice to fascism rather than anarchy. Replacing one extreme with another would have been telling, but wouldn't have played well in Peoria, I suppose. A necessary change and one that will allow the average viewer access, who hasn't read the GN.